Tire INNOVA SLICK CUT for 200mm Cross Skates

Replacement parts for Nordic Skates SRB Parts Tire INNOVA SLICK CUT for 200mm Cross Skates
EUR 24,95
EUR 24,95

We started off season early this year!

Our team and our shop is back mid of January 2019!

Item number: 095-XS-200 S0XS011400

The Innova SLICKCUT tire fits large cross skates with 200mm (8 inch) wheels such as SRB XRS06, XRS07, Skike V9 Fire and Powerslide Grave Digger.

In comparison to the Primo Alpha lite tire, the Innova SLICKCUT has a less deep tread, which is ideal for use on asphalt and soft surfaces like sandy or muddy ground and offers excellent roadholding. The minor rolling friction can help to achieve a more swift way of skating, that requires less force.

Max. pressure:
5 bar
8x2 inches (200x50mm)

Please note: The tire does not fit to the majority of cross skates which have 6 inch (150mm) tires.