Tire Changing Set for air tires

Replacement parts for Nordic Skates Powerslide Nordic Parts Tire Changing Set for air tires
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EUR 43,40

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Item number: 062-RM-H S0MI000100

This Tire Changing set is made particularly for Cross Skating tires like Skike tires, Blackarmada tires and Kenda Roadstar tires.

Just like large car tire changing machines the tire is installed on the rim. You do not need very much strenght and the tire does not suffer at all.

The Tire Changing set is made for all air tires from 3 to 11 inches and consists of:

  • metal base plate
  • cushion plate
  • lever with rubber wheel
  • tire changing grease

Here you can see the Tire Changing Set in action:

Please note: For getting tires off a rim the best choice is the Topeak Tire Tool, which is not included in this set.