The X-Skating Service Garage

besides Skates, accessories and parts we also offer a large number of service features, repair & maintenance performances for our customers.
Our complete staff is certified by skike.

*** Due to internal reconstruction work this service is currently not available. ***


Assembly / Mounting / Installation Services (all prices excl. material & shipping)

  • Change of tire: 5 Euro each wheel
  • Change of tube: 5 Euro each wheel
  • Mounting of bindings: 8 Euro each binding (if holes are already predrilled)
  • Mounting of bindings incl. drilling of holes: 15 Euro each binding
  • Exchange of shoes on Powerslide frames: 3 Euro each shoe
  • Ball bearing exchange: 2 Euro each wheel
  • Cutting of poles: 10 Euro each pole
  • Exchange of pole tips: 5 Euro each pole
  • Exchange of handles: 8 Euro each pole
  • Sharpening of pole tips: 2,50 Euro each pole
  • Powerslide Calf brake installation: 5 Euro each
  • Installation of mudguards: 5 Euro each skate
  • Exchange of brakepad: 5 Euro each skate
  • Individual brake setting: for free
  • Individual positioning of Powerslide shoes: for free
  • Inflation of tubes: for free


  • Small Inspection: 10 Euro for both skates plus material if applicable: Control of airpressure, axis bolts, shoe screws, brake pads, bearings
  • Large Inspection: 30 Euro each pair of skates: Same as small inspection plus complete demounting and cleaning of skates (tires, rims, frame and shoes if applicable)

Special replacement parts

  • Powerslide Axis: 3,50 Euro each
  • Powerslide screws: 0,70 each
  • Powerslide washer: 0,30 each
  • Powerslide wheelspacer: 1,50 each

Depending on the desired service and degree of capacity we need up to 72h to perform your service. Please be so kind and contact us beforehand.