Skike v9 TOUR 200 Set with KV+ Campra Poles

Nordic Cross Skates Skike v9 TOUR 200 Skike v9 TOUR 200 Set with KV+ Campra Poles
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Our Skike v9 TOUR 200 set with the Campra poles by the Swiss company KV+ includes:

  • latest version of Skike v9 TOUR 200
  • very solid beginner pole KV+ Campra

The Campra pole is good to begin with Nordic Skating but also is still a good pole for you when you are more advanced. It is smart to get a pole at the start that you do not have to replace once you are more advanced in Nordic Skating!

The Skike v9 TOUR is a complete new development by Skike. Use your own shoes. Equipped with several quick release levers and high-end belts Skike v9 TOUR is a very comfortable cross skates for beginners and advanced skaters.

  • choose the right pole length according to your body height
  • all Skates are tested, pumped up and set before we ship them put
  • we include our small “How to start” brochure in English with every skate
  • we have a large warehouse and ship out fast
  • we are always there for you if you need any help

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Your benefits - only at X-Skating

  • Ready-to-Roll Inspection

    Unpack and roll! Correct tire pressure, mounted wheels and brakes and much more. Right out of the box!

The Skike v9 Tour 200 comes with the Skike Multi Technology, that
enables you to skate either classic style or skating style. This
technology adjusts to the skater and his skating style. You can also
lock the heel lift, to concentrate on skating style use only. The
large 200mm (8 inches) air tyres offer a good off-road ability. The
brakes are equipped with cooling gills, that help to cool the
aluminium during the braking. This reduces the abrasion of the tires.

The skates can be worn over regular shoes. There is the option to
adjust the skates to in- or out-knees for individual fitting.

The two reverse locks also enable you to skate uphill.

Skike v9 TOUR 200 features:

Material of frame:
own street shoes or outdoor shoes are used
Weight per pair:
ca. 5,8 kg (without shoes)
Shoe sizes:
Roadstar 200 mm Major Grip air tires
Ground clearance:
65 mm
between 560 and 600 mm
Heel standing height:
between 104 and 150mm (including heel of shoe 20mm)
1 on each skate

You also get our “How to start” brochure in English language with every skate for free. Every skate we ship receives our "Ready to Roll Inspection".

Advantages of Skike v9 TOUR 200:

  • adjustable heel system
  • including reverse locks
  • max offroad

More info about: Skike v9 TOUR 200 · KV+ Campra · Proper Pole Length

Fixed Length Pole / 5cm intervals
30% Carbon

KV+ Elite with cork coating
KV+ Evolution Comfort strap
Tip/Pole end:
hardened Tungsten-Carbide steel
Pole lenghts:
140cm to 170cm / 5cm intervals

We recommend this Nordic Skating pole Campra by KV+ as a very solid beginner pole which is also still a good pole when your are an advanced skater. The price is very good for a 30% Carbon pole.

The KV+ Campra pole is ideal for Skike, Powerslide Nordic Skates, Rollerski, Nordic Blading and other Cross Skates.

For pole sizes larger than 170cm or for very ambitioned Nordic Skaters with a strong use of the upper body we recommend one of our poles with 60 or more % of Carbon.

More info about: Skike v9 TOUR 200 · KV+ Campra · Proper Pole Length

Proper pole length for skating

Recommended pole length Please fill all fields!

This is a calculated value. You can choose poles that differ by +3cm or -3cm.

You should / could order longer poles than the chart shows if you:

  • have a lot of strength in your arms
  • have a very flexible shoulder area
  • tend to have your body rather straight while pushing off with the poles
  • are experienced and use the poles very precisely
  • plan to skate mostly on roads or easy off-road surfaces
  • intend to have a very high intensive workout with a higher heart rate

You should / could order smaller poles than the chart shows if you:

  • lack strength in your arms
  • lack flexibility in your shoulder area
  • tend to bend down low when pushing off with the poles
  • plan to go off-road cross skating often

Poles with variable length

Some Nordic Skating poles are variable in length (e.g LEKI BLADE VARIO). They are very helpful for pinning down the pole length which best suits you. But make sure you have good quality poles, as variable poles, lacking good fixation, can be the cause of injury.

More info about: Skike v9 TOUR 200 · KV+ Campra · Proper Pole Length