Skike one4TOUR 3piece pole, 95-175cm

Nordic Skating Poles and parts Skike one4TOUR 3piece pole, 95-175cm
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EUR 139,90

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Item number: 058-80-2 S0SK005D00

The one4TOUR is a 3-pcs. adjustable pole which is the perfect solution for each journey because it will fit into nearly every bag or suitcase.

Disassembled this model brings it to a gross length of only 73 cm. The middle and lower shaft can easily fixed and loosened by a quick release system.

This offers a variable length from 95 up to 175 cm. 100% Carbon material makes this pole an absolute lightweight. The one4TOUR is the world's only travel pole providing quality performance for Cross Skating, Cross Skiing / XC and Nordic Walking.

  • HM Carbon (100%) with Taper Rolling Technology
  • Upper Shaft : Ø 14mm
  • Middle Shaft : Ø 16mm
  • Lower Shaft : Ø 16mm
  • Weight : ca. 70g/m
  • Quick releases at all connectors
  • Length : 73cm (disassembled)
  • adjustable from 95 -170cm