Rollerski & Cross Skate Bag by SRB

Accessories for Nordic Skating Bags Rollerski & Cross Skate Bag by SRB
EUR 37,50
EUR 37,50

We started off season early this year!

Our team and our shop is back mid of January 2019!

SRB Germany

Item number: 061-2111 S0SR001200

This good quality bag by SRB is made to store your expensive Rollerski.

color: gray / black with SRB Logo Length x width x height:: 80x14x25cm

These Cross Skates and Rollerski fit:

  • all SRB Rollerski without brakes
  • all SRB Rollerski with calf brake
  • SRB XRS 01, SRB XRS02, SRB XRS03
  • most Rollerskis of other brands (up to the maximum sizes shown above)