Powerslide Vi SUV 2.0

Nordic Cross Skates Powerslide Vi SUV 2.0 Powerslide Vi SUV 2.0
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EUR 329,00

We started off season early this year!

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Item number: 055-90-8122

The Powerslide Vi SUV 2.0 is a well done further development of the SUV 1.0

At first touch we loved it. Gotta admit! Like the SUV 1.0 the 2.0 is a mixture of an inline skate and a cross skate with a short frame like an inline skate and air tires similar to a regular cross skates.
The short frame and the smaller 125mm tires makes it also possible to skate the SUV 2.0 without skating poles. Compared to regular inline skates you can ride the SUV 2.0 on rougher surfaces and even trails that are a little offroad are possible.

The SUV 2.0 features

  • 125mm Innova air tires with tubes (3 tires on each skate)
  • 360° lacing system with disc closure device for 100% comfortable lacing
  • Inside liner with Heat Molding technique (Powerslide MyFit): You can take out the liner, heat it up at home and make it fit perfectly for your feet. Instructions for heat molding come with the skates.
    Please note: You can easily do the molding multiple times. When heated up the liner will get back to its original state.
  • Magnesium Frame with brushed aluminum look
  • heel brake on right skate
  • weight of both skates (incl. brake): 4.1 kg
  • width from front axis to rear axis: 295mm
  • available sizes: 38-47
  • standing height (heel): 158mm

Our opinion: The Powerslide Vi SUV 2.0 is an excellent advancement. It is more comfortable and has better tires and valves compared to SUV 1.0. Everything looks very solid and durable and the materials used are of high quality.

Advantages of Powerslide Vi SUV 2.0:

  • high end boot with excellent lacing system
  • liner ready for Heat Molding / Powerslide MyFit
  • combines the advantages of cross skates and inline skates
  • ride it with or without poles




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  • Ready-to-Roll Inspection

    Unpack and roll! Correct tire pressure, mounted wheels and brakes and much more. Right out of the box!

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