Skike v9 TOUR 150 as a bundle with Skating poles of your choice

Skike v9 TOUR 150
Skike v9 TOUR 150 has 150mm air tires and reverse locks on 2 wheels. Skike V9 TOUR 150 allows classic (heel up) and skating technique. 
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Skate without poles: €549 €539
Skate with poles: from €549

We offer Skike v9 TOUR 150 also in bundle sets together with Nordic Skating poles. The sets offer price advantages compared to single prices of the products. All poles are good poles for Nordic Skating. We do not offer any cheap poles that do not fit the sport. The differences between the poles are the material (Carbon %), the pole tips, the handles and the strap system. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us any time.

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The Skike v9 TOUR 150 is the "little brother" of the Skike v9 TOUR 200. It does have 150mm (6 inches) air tyres. The brakes are equipped with cooling gills, that help to cool the aluminium during the braking. This reduces the abrasion of the tires.   The skates can be worn over regular shoes. There is the option to adjust the skates to in- or out-knees for individual fitting.   The Skike v9 TOUR 150 also offers the option to choose one of two heel lift options, for either classic style or skating style. The two reverse locks also enable you to skate uphill.

Skike v9 TOUR 150 features:

Material of frame:
Own street shoes or outdoor shoes are used
Weight per pair:
ca. 4,6 kg (without shoes)
Shoe sizes:
Roadstar 150 mm air tires
Ground clearance:
44 mm
ca. 540 mm
Heel standing height:
94 mm (including heel of shoe 20mm)
1 on each skate

Every skate we ship receives our "Ready to Roll Inspection".

Advantages of Skike v9 TOUR 150:

  • adjustable heel system
  • including reverse locks
  • many customization options
All prices include Sales Tax (VAT) and are free of Shipping costs