Skike v8 TOUR as a bundle with Skating poles of your choice

Skike v8 TOUR
Skike v8 TOUR lets you ride classic and skating technique. This is accomplished by the multifunktional heel lift which adjusts to the way you skate (style and intensity of heel lift). The mechanism makes Skike Tour also easy to ride even for beginners. You use your own shoes for Skike v8 TOUR.
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Skate without poles: €539 €519
Skate with poles: from €549
Overview with all Nordic Cross Skates

We also offer Skike TOUR in bundles with nordic skating poles. The only difference between the sets are the poles that are included. Nordic Skating poles differ in the material used, loops, loop system, grips and pole ends. These features create price differences. If you have any questions about Skike v8 TOUR or nordic skating poles please feel free to contact us any time.

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Skike v8 TOUR has multifunctional heel lift technology which makes Classic and Skating technique possible. The heel lift mechanism adjusts automatically depending on the type of skating style and heel lift intense you ride. It can be set to a minimum lift position with a special locking screw. This position we recommend for beginners and all tours on rougher surfaces.

The multitechnology heel lift is supported by 3 bearings on the ankle, the ball of foot and the toes. The mechanism pulls the frame with tires back to the foot if the heel is lifted only a small distance. If the heel is lifted higher the mechanism pushes the frame back away from the frame.

These features make Skike v8 TOUR easy to ride and perfect for classic and skating technique. Skike TOUR has also been constructed as an alternative to nordic walking to serve as a "skate walker".

Reverse lock bearings are included on both front wheels.

Skike v8 TOUR - most important facts

Material of frame:
own street shoes or outdoor shoes are used
Weight per pair:
ca. 5,2 kg (without shoes)
Shoe sizes:
Sizes EUR 36 to 47
one brake on each skate
Kenda Roadstar air tires with 150mm diameter, 6 x 1.25"
Ground clearance:
approx. 35mm
Heel standing height:
approx. 90mm (including heel of shoe 20mm)
Reverse locks:
included on front wheels

Advantages of Skike v8 TOUR

  • multifunctional heel lift adjusts to style
  • both techniques Classic & Skating possible
  • easy to ride & very variable

Please note that all Skikes will be completely mounted, pumped up and inspected by our experienced service team. Regularly the manufacturer delivers the Skikes with demounted wheels, but we believe you as a customer should receive your product "ready to go".

All Skike Skates come with a tutorial on technique, personal setting and training exercises.





All prices include Sales Tax (VAT) and are free of Shipping costs