Skike v7 FIX as a bundle with Skating poles of your choice

Skike v7 FIX
The Skike v7 FIX is a further development of the Skike Plus. You also use your own shoes. Skike v7 FIX is a great skate to start cross skating with but is also excellent for advanced cross skaters. Skike v7 FIX has 500mm wheelbase, leightweight frame and a very comfortable low standing height.
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Skate without poles: €339 €325
Skate with poles: from €359
Overview with all Nordic Cross Skates

Besides individual skates we offer Skike v7 FIX sets that include the skates and poles. The only difference between the sets are the poles. Features that influence the price of Nordic skating poles are the amount of carbon used, the weight, the strap system, straps, handles and tips. All poles we offer are made for Nordic skating - also the lower priced poles are very good! If you have any questions about Skike v7 FIX or our cross skating sets please do not hesitate to contact us.

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The Skike v7 FIX is a further development of Skike Plus. It is based on the Skike Plus frame and has several upgrades to the Skike Plus. Skike v7 FIX has new and better belts with a stopper on at the end. Also Skike v7 FIX has quick release levers on the tires, brakes and calfs. Also new are the 9-Spoke rims.

Optionally you can equip Skike v7 FIX with 145mm PU wheels. With PU tires you will reach higher speeds but also of course you will loose some offroad abilities.

We believe Skike v7 FIX is a great cross skate for beginners and advanced skaters.

Skike v7 FIX - most important facts

Material of frame:
own street shoes or outdoor shoes are used
Weight per pair:
ca. 4.1 kg (without shoes)
Shoe sizes:
Sizes EUR 36 to 47
one brake on each skate
Kenda Roadstar air tires with 150mm diameter, 6 x 1.25"
Ground clearance:
approx. 35mm
Heel standing height:
approx. 94mm (including heel of shoe 20mm)
black and orange


  • very lightweight
  • very variable
  • very good brakes
  • easy to ride

Please note that all Skikes will be completely mounted, pumped up and inspected by our experienced service team. Regularly the manufacturer delivers the Skikes with demounted wheels, but we believe you as a customer should receive your product "ready to go".

All Skike Skates come with a tutorial on technique, personal setting and training exercises.





All prices include Sales Tax (VAT) and are free of Shipping costs