Powerslide XC Trainer 2 Vi 2016 as a bundle with Skating poles of your choice

Powerslide XC Trainer 2 Vi
Powerslide XC Trainer 2 Vi is highlighted by the boots which have a heatmoldable inner liner (Powerslide MyFit) and 360 degree disc lacing system. The frame is very robust and offers great flexibility on- and offroad. Powerslide XC Trainer 2 Vi is very close to the high end model Path Vi.
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Skate without poles: €399 €359
Skate with poles: from €399
Overview with all Nordic Cross Skates

We offer Powerslide XC Trainer 2 Vi also as bundle sets together with Nordic Skating poles. The sets offer price advantages compared to single prices of the products. All poles are good poles for Nordic Skating. We do not offer any cheap poles that do not fit the sport. The differences between the poles are the material (Carbon %), the pole tips, the handles and the strap system. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us any time.

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Powerslide XC Trainer 2 Vi has been upgraded in 2015. They have placed the new XC Trainer 2 Vi right between the Trail 2 and the Path Vi.
The XC Trainer 2 Vi comes with frame & tires that are very similar to the Trail 2. The boots are very close to the high end model Path Vi, including heatmolding technique (Powerslide My Fit) and 360° lacing with turnable disc.

Like all Powerslide Nordic Cross Skates launched in 2015 the Trainer Vi has the new patented brake installed on the right Cross Skate. The new Cuff Brake has a metal brake pad and is very strong. You can set it easily to an ideal position according to your skating style. You brake by moving the right skate forward. This automatically moves your calf back and triggers the brake. See also the video at the end of this product description.

Powerslide XC Trainer 2 Vi features:

Material of frame:
6061 Aluminium
360° lacing system with disc closure device for 100% comfortable lacing
Inside liner with Heat Molding technique (Powerslide MyFit): You can take out the liner, heat it up at home and make it fit perfectly to your feet. Instructions for heat molding come with the cross skates. Please note: You can easily do the heatmolding multiple times. When heated up again the liner will get back to its original state.
Shoe sizes:
1 new patented brake on the right cross skate
Powerslide rustproof bearings with chrome steel balls
Innova air tires with 150mm diameter, 6 x 1.25"
Weight per pair:
ca. 4,05 kg for size 41 (including shoes and 1 Brake)
Ground clearance:
Heel standing height:
PU Wheels:
Powerslide Roadrunner 150mm PU Wheels can optionally be mounted

You also get our “How to start” brochure in English language with every skate for free. Every skate we ship receives our "Ready to Roll Inspection".

Advantages of Powerslide Trainer Vi: - heatmoldable inner liner - 360° Disc lacing - very robust frame


Video cuff brake




All prices include Sales Tax (VAT) and are free of Shipping costs