Powerslide XC Trail 2 2016 as a bundle with Skating poles of your choice

Powerslide XC Trail 2
Powerslide XC Trail 2 is the ideal skate to start cross skating with. The mounted boots have excellent support, particularly in the ankle area. The frame is crafted out of 1 piece and supports the outstanding driving characteristics of the XC Trail 2. The new patented brake system is also included.
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Skate without poles: €339 €305
Skate with poles: from €345
Overview with all Nordic Cross Skates

You can also purchase the Powerslide XC Trail2 together with skating poles. The sets we offer are liste above. They differ between the included poles. It is always the same set of cross skates included. The main difference between the poles are material mix, grips, pole tips and straps. These features influence durability and comfort of the Cross Skating poles. Please contact us any tine if you have questions.

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The XC Trail 2 is the Powerslide entry Skate to the cross skating world. It was particularly desgined for cross skating beginners by paying careful attention to the needs of cross skaters that are mainly interested in fitness. The robust shoe of the Trail 2 has excellent ankle support.

The inner liner can be taken out and is also washable. It has a thin sole which makes it also possible to take a walk with it.

The frame is based on the 2014 XC Trainer. The main difference is that instead of 2 it is now built in 1 piece to increase stiffness.

Like all Powerslide Nordic Cross Skates launched in 2015 the XC Trail 2 has the new patented brake installed on the right Cross Skate. The new Cuff Brake has a metal brake pad and is very strong. You can set it easily to an ideal position according to your skating style. You brake by moving the right skate forward. This automatically moves your calf back and triggers the brake.

Powerslide XC Trail 2 features:

Material of frame:
6061 Aluminium
robust outside frame with washable inner liner.
Shoe sizes:
1 new patented brake on the right cross skate
Powerslide rustproof bearings with chrome steel balls
Innova air tires with 150mm diameter, 6 x 1.25"
Weight per pair:
Ground clearance:
28mm (front & rear) / 35mm (middle)
Heel standing height:
can optionally be installed
PU Wheels:
Powerslide Roadrunner 150mm PU wheels can optionally be mounted

You also get our “How to start” brochure in English language with every skate for free. Every skate we ship receives our "Ready to Roll Inspection".

Advantages of Powerslide XC Trail 2:

  • excellent stability due to good ankle support
  • inner liner can be taken out and is washable
  • inner liner can server as shoe for a small distance
  • ideal handling characteristics for beginners
  • stable 1 piece frame

Video cuff brake




All prices include Sales Tax (VAT) and are free of Shipping costs