Complete Wheel Powerslide Magnesium

Replacement parts for Nordic Skates Powerslide Nordic Parts Complete Wheel Powerslide Magnesium
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EUR 49,40

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Item number: 055-8116 S0PS001C00

Our 6 1/4 inches Complete wheel with Magnesium rims includes all you need to just plug on an go!

The Magnesium rims are made of 2 pieces that are held together by 3 torx screws. This makes changing tires much easier because you "built the rim into the tire". A huge advantage when changing the tube or tire.

Our Powerslide Magnesium Complete wheel includes:

  • 2 piece Magnesium rim
  • CST Air Tire 150mm - 6 1/4 inches
  • tube - with reinforcement in the valve area
  • twincam rustproof bearings
  • spacers

Fits to: Powerslide XC Trail, XC Trainer, XC Path, X-Plorer, XC Skeleton with 150mm.