SRB Skating Rollerski - SR01 Premium

Rollerskis Rollerski - Skating Technique SRB Skating Rollerski - SR01 Premium
EUR 349,00
EUR 349,00

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Item number: 061-SR-01P

This Rollerski is Made in Germany by SRB.

This is a high end Rollerski for Skating technique. It is made for athletes that enjoy intensive pratice rides or competitions. If you are looking for the little edge upon your oponents then this Rollerski is the right one for you.

Some features of this Rollerski:

  • Technique: made for Skating technique
  • Wheelbase: 620mm
  • Wheel diameter: 100mm
  • Wheel width: 24mm
  • weight of 1 Rollerski: 975g
  • high quality Aluminum frame and rim
  • available colours: blue
  • fender / mud guards included on all tires
  • the binding shown on the pictures is not included. You can choose this as an optional addition. If you do not choose the binding then the frame will have the drilling holes needed for binding installation.
  • Calf Brake is optionally available
  • You can choose between 2 different rubber composites of the tires (medium fast and fast). 95% of Nordic Skaters take medium fast!

Advantages of this Rollerski:

  • very smooth on asphalt
  • very close to cross country skiing
  • low balance point
  • tires with good absorption
  • good grip even on wet surface

The rollerski comes with pre-drilled holes for a binding. On the picture the rollerski is shown with an already mounted binding.
If you purchase your rollerski in combination with a binding we will mount the binding for you. We provide this service also for other additional parts, e.g. the calf brake or, for classic/combo rollers, the antenna wheel.
You can also choose from a variety of nordic skating poles, that can be ordered together with the roller. See our "Poles" category for detailed information regarding the poles.

In order to purchase your roller just pick your options from the dropdown and click "add to basket". The choosen configuration will be added to your basket.

Proper pole length for skating

Recommended pole length Please fill all fields!

This is a calculated value. You can choose poles that differ by +3cm or -3cm.

You should / could order longer poles than the chart shows if you:

  • have a lot of strength in your arms
  • have a very flexible shoulder area
  • tend to have your body rather straight while pushing off with the poles
  • are experienced and use the poles very precisely
  • plan to skate mostly on roads or easy off-road surfaces
  • intend to have a very high intensive workout with a higher heart rate

You should / could order smaller poles than the chart shows if you:

  • lack strength in your arms
  • lack flexibility in your shoulder area
  • tend to bend down low when pushing off with the poles
  • plan to go off-road cross skating often

Poles with variable length

Some Nordic Skating poles are variable in length (e.g LEKI BLADE VARIO). They are very helpful for pinning down the pole length which best suits you. But make sure you have good quality poles, as variable poles, lacking good fixation, can be the cause of injury.