Rollerski - Combi Skating & Classic

Our Combi Rollerski are particularly made for both techniques. You can use them for the skating technique and the classic technique (parallel technique). Although a skiroller for both techniques is always a compromise our Combi Rollerskis bring great satisfaction in both techniques.

Both techniques demand different characteristics from a Rollerski and it is important to find the right tire size & width, rubber blend, frame length, balance and flexibility features that will allow the rider to use both techniques with good satisfaction.

Skiroller which are used for classic technique need a reverse lock. That's why all of our Combi rollerski have reverse lock wheels on the front. You do not necessarily need reverse locks for skating technique but they are no handicap either.

The combis rollerskis come with all the screw holes needed for NNN or SNS Bindings. If you choose to buy the Rollerksi with bindings from us we will install the bindings for free for you on your rollerksi.

Also available are calf brakes which are very helpful for beginners in rollerskiing.

The nordic Skating poles that are used are very similar to cross country skiing poles. They need to have a very sharp hardmetall tip. You will find those poles and information on the right poles size here.

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