Information on ski-Rollers and rollski

Rollski is a sport with a long tradition. Originally the first ski-rollers were developed for cross-country skiing to permit efficient training in summer. The aim was to simulate the same motion sequence as in cross-country skiing.

Soon modern skating techniques and classical diagonal techniques were developed for ski-rollers.

Powerslide Skiroller X-Plorer

Authorized Roller ski distributor for SRB RollskiRollski sport is gaining much more relevance since the development of effective calf brakes. Braking on ski-rollers without an assembled brake is a challenging issue. Not long ago ski-rollers were inappropriate; they were unsafe. Today there are a variety of ski-rollers with brakes, and now cross-country skiers can enjoy practicing their sport in summer.

Most ski-rollers differ from Nordic cross skates when it comes to tyres. While cross skates have 150 mm air tyres, ski-rollers usually have solid rubber or polyurethane tyres. Since 2010 the manufacturer Powerslide have produced ski-rollers with 150 mm air tyres , combining the advantages of ski-rollers and Nordic cross skates. Also rollskis have less ride height and a bigger axle width than cross skates, rendering then ideal for use on flat asphalt. Nordic cross skates from Powerslide are a better choice on rough pavements and forest tracks.

Categories of ski-rollers:

Ski-rollers for classic technique:

  • Rack length/Binding piece length: 600 mm - 700 mm
  • Wheel width: 30 mm – 50 mm
  • Wheel size: 70 mm – 100 mm
  • Return stop on front wheels

Ski-rollers for skating technique:

  • Rack length/Binding piece length: 520 mm -620 mm
  • Wheel width: 20 mm – 30 mm
  • Wheel size: 80 mm – 100 mm

Combination models for classic and skating in one product:

The characteristics and construction of these ski-rollers combine classic and skating qualities. Those combination models usually have a “chocolate discipline” which they are best in. Combination ski-rollers are an interesting low priced option for people who want to use both techniques.

Skating poles:

The same type of Nordic poles are used for rollskiing and for Nordic cross skating. They are equipped with hard metal tips. They only differ in their length. More information on the correct pole length for nordic skating and cross skating can be found below.

Skiroller/Rollski SR01 Premium