Skike v8 LIFT Speed as a bundle with Skating poles of your choice

Skike v8 LIFT Speed
Skike v8 LIFT Speed are the same skates as v8 Cross except for the wheels. The Speed version has 125mm PU wheels in contrast to the air tires of the cross model. Skike v8 LIFT Speed enables you to go faster compared to air tire skates. The permanent heel lift is close to the binding feeling of cross country skiing. Rollerskis without binding!
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Skate without poles: €339 €325
Skate with poles: from €359
Overview with all Nordic Cross Skates

We offer Skike v8 LIFT Speed individually or together with poles in sets. The difference between the sets are the nordic skating poles. Price differences come from the carbon percentage (weight), the pole tips, the strap system and the grips. All poles are good for cross skating, just some features will create higher or lower prices. Please contact us by email of phone if you any questions.

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Skike v8 LIFT Speed has 125mm PU wheels. The wheels are the only difference to the Skike v8 LIFT Cross which has air tires. PU wheels make the skates faster, but also you will loose some offroad abilities.

Skike v8 LIFT Speed has a permanent heel lift which gives you a Rollerski riding feeling that is close to cross country skiing. You use your own Sport- or Outdoorshoes for riding Skike v8 LIFT.

Excellent direction stability and quietness is achived by a long wheelbase of 525mm. Compared to former models Skike v8 LIFT Speed has received several upgrades. The belts are made of more endurable material and there are quick release levers on the tires, the brakes and the calf frames. Another new feature are the 9-Spoke rims.

You can equip your Skike v8 LIFT Speed cross skates also with air tires in the future if you like.

We think Skike V8 Speed is a great idea. Very close to Rollerskis without needing bindings and skiing boots. But still very close to cross country skiing. For cross skating beginners without skiing or rollerski experience we believe it is a little harder to master compared to cross skates with fix heels.

Skike v8 LIFT Speed - most important facts

Material of frame:
own street shoes or outdoor shoes are used
Weight per pair:
ca. 3,9 kg (without shoes)
Shoe sizes:
Sizes EUR 36 to 47
one brake on each skate
125mm PU wheels
Ground clearance:
approx. 33mm
Heel standing height:
approx. 78mm (including heel of shoe 20mm)
black and orange


  • close to cross country skiing
  • faster than air tire skates
  • close to rollerskiing
  • low weight
  • great direction stability, wide wheelbase

Please note that all Skikes will be completely mounted and inspected by our experienced service team.
Regularly the manufacturer delivers the Skikes with demounted wheels, but we believe you as a customer
should receive your product "ready to go".

All Skike Skates come with a tutorial on technique, personal setting and training exercises.





All prices include Sales Tax (VAT) and are free of Shipping costs